From the President

Norman Pearson, Ph.D., D.B.A., Ph.D.(Mgt.)
620 Springbank Drive, Suite 212
London, Ontario
Tel: 519-472-6612
Fax: 519-472-8229

"....Welcome to Greenleaf University! Our sole purpose for existence is to help mid-career professionals who are unable to leave their jobs to become scholar-practitioners with credible high-quality advanced degrees (Ph.D., MS, Leadership and Administration, MS in Future Studies) and also credible Bachelor's degrees.

Founded in 1999, it built upon the prior work of the Institute for Professional Studies, which is still an important part of the University. We were inspired by the philosophy of Robert Greenleaf, the father of the empowerment movement, who argued for "servant-leadership". That principle has more recently been espoused by James Autry in his book "The Servant Leader". As a not-for-profit entity, our income is totally devoted to the growth and well-being of the University.

Using the principles of "distance management", we can, with no bureaucracy, better serve our learners, and at better fees than anyone else. We aim to keep it that way: our programs are self-paced, learner-focused, and all our learners work with a personal mentor drawn from our skilled and experienced faculty. In addition, we do not require learners to re-study what they already know: all properly documented courses taken are recognized and accepted as long as they are relevant to the chosen program. While the learners' programs cover the essential and necessary basics required for academic credibility, they are individuated to serve the special needs of each learner.

Your well-being and academic achievement is our major concern. Come to Greenleaf University and find out what a 21st Century entity designed for knowledge workers, international students, and Information Age requirements can do. We are your servants, to lead you to your academic goals"

President's Biography

You are entitled to know with whom you are dealing. Since graduating from the University of Durham (UK) with a professional degree in Town and Country Planning, and then serving as an aviator with the Royal Air Force in the Korean war period, I have had two parallel courses, one professional and one academic. Also, in order to go where distance learning students must go, worked for several academic degrees, following attainment of the Doctorate in Philosophy in the International Institute of Academic Studies (where I am currently a Fellow). I then earned a Doctorate in Business Administration in the Canada/Colorado Pacific Western University; and then a second Ph.D. in Management Research from the California University for Academic Studies. All my dissertations have later been published as books and as articles in peer-reviewed professional journals. In my professional life, I served first as an administrator with the National Coal Board (UK). I then worked as planner in the Westminster Division of the London County Council, then the world's biggest planning group. I then went to Canada's Central mortgage and Housing Corporation, then as a long range planner with the City of Toronto. Thereafter I was Director of Planning in the Hamilton-Wentworth region, and then Planning Commissioner for the new City of Burlington, Ontario. In 1962 I established Norman Pearson and Associates Limited, International Planning Management Consultants based in London, Ontario, and that firm has served public and private clients all over the world.

In my academic life I have had a variety of experiences: Special Lecturer in Planning at McMaster University, Canada; taught Geography and Planning at the University of Waterloo; Professor of Organization and Management, Capella University, Minneapolis; Chair of the Urban and Regional Planning program, Waterloo Lutheran University; Director of the Centre for Resources Development, the University of Guelph; President, Dean of the College of Business and Political Studies, Greenwich University, Australia; Divisional Director, the Administration and Management Program, Walden University; Vice President of Academic Affairs, Earthnet Institute; President, Canada/Colorado Pacific Western University; Chairman of the Board, Alma College, Ontario, Canada; Five years on the International Board of Directors of the California University for Advanced Studies. In Greenleaf University I served as Professor of 21st Century Studies, and was invited to return in 2002 as President to help rebuild and expand the University.

I have had published some 15 books and over 200 papers in refereed academic journals; 40 years of experience in teaching research methods and in carrying out substantial research grants. I have supervised and served as academic supervisor for hundreds of dissertations, and similar numbers of Master's Degree thesis.

I have been where you are and I fully understand what lies before you and your future journey. My task is to support and help you.